Sell Your Officially Licensed Amazing World of Gumball Fan Art on Redbubble

What the what?! We’ve partnered with Cartoon Network so you can create and sell officially licensed The Amazing World of Gumball fan art on Redbubble. Think of it as your very own Awesome store, minus the creepy van. All Hail MYBUTT!


The Last Unicorn Fan Art: Design Inspiration and Guidelines

What do you call a scary unicorn? A night(mare). And that is how many children of the 80s remember the Japanese hand-drawn animation film The Last Unicorn. The novel however, ranked number 5 for best “All-Time Best Fantasy Novels” in a 1987 poll.


Over the Garden Wall Fan Art: Design Inspiration and Guidelines

Heartwarmingly haunting adventures ahead! We’ve partnered with Cartoon Network to enable artists to create and sell Over The Garden Wall (OTGW) fan art on Redbubble. Similar to the chronicles of Wirt and Greg, making fan art for OTGW is a journey into the unknown. Ain’t that just the way.


How to Avoid Stepmom Burnout

The only BURNOUT you have time for is the wheels of the car on the pavement as you speed off to your dreams, stepmom!


How to Make Meme Art that Sells

The meme is a millennial love language. One that speaks with imagery, a message that races across the internet like the stampede that killed Mufasa in the Lion King. Now you’re picturing the meme with Rafiki holding Simba in the air, aren’t you? Or you’re ugly crying. Sorry about that. It’s a touching moment.


The Art of Tagging on Redbubble

Well, well, well, look at those biceps, I mean tags. Aren’t they just gorgeous? In case you are wondering, tagging your work is how you and your customers find one another.



Holy Schnikes! Chris Farley art is on the table. And it’s smashing through it. Unless you want to end up 35, thrice divorced, and living in a van down by the river, take this opportunity to add some art featuring this icon to your shop.


Make Fan Art | Hell’s Kitchen

Are you an idiot sandwich? Of course, you’re not. You’re going to create some tasty officially licensed Hell’s Kitchen art on Redbubble.


The Wrap: Empowering Women Year RounD

As the saying goes, well-behaved women seldom make history. With Women’s History Month drawing to a close, we’re here to applaud badass women everywhere, known and unknown. Cue Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” and raise a glass.


Be More Determined in 2019 with These 5 High-Flying Resolutions

Brimming with creative possibility, 2019 is finally here. Some people are ecstatic about fresh starts. Others make strict resolutions like eating yogurt and going to the gym...


Self Promotion | Engaging Your AUDIENCE

If you read Self Promotion | Getting the Word Out you are probably a bonafide art-promoter now. But wait, there’s more! We have a few more tips for you to market yourself and your work to get the ball rolling.


Design to Sell | Product Formatting

As an artist on Redbubble, your work boldly leaps from the canvas to mugs, posters, t-shirts, and even onto leggings that walk through the world. A little planning and attention to detail are required to make sure your art translates to each product successfully.


Self Promotion | Getting the Word Out

If you create and display your art in the woods, does anyone see it? The answer is no. Not without a little word of mouth.

Before you start thinking “Promote my work? No thanks, I’m allergic,” stay with me.


Trending themes to inspire your holiday designs

Artists, it’s your time to shine. To dream up unique seasonal creations that expand your portfolio and connect you with shoppers.


Dictum Health and eMD Collaborate to Launch Telestroke Platform in Rural America,Creating New Standard of Care

Telehealth lets us reach into a community, connect with providers there and put them in contact with a stroke expert immediately.


Discovery Channel and Big Wave Media Gear Up With Dictum Health and AT&T for Shark Week in the Bahamas

Paramedics Use VER-MEDIC Powered by AT&T to Monitor Extreme Survival Experts in an Ocean Full of Sharks.


DICTUM HEALTH and Global Education Philanthropists Provide Healthcare in Haiti

Haitians welcomed Dictum Health's Virtual Exam Room (VER) technology that enabled rural villagers and children to receive much-needed clinical care last month.


hate can happen anywhere

Just before one of the biggest games in basketball, NBA superstar Lebron James stood at a press conference, not just to talk about the game but to speak about being targeted in a hate crime. 



After a bomb threat at a local JCC and the appearance of swastikas in various places across North Hempstead, New York, these Long Islanders banded together against hate.



Whoever perpetrated this crime is outnumbered by the rest of us by thousands to one.



Some say motherhood begins when a child is born, but I think motherhood is a mindset. A mother is a nurturer, a provider, a protector, a support system, a mentor, a sturdy foundation, a well of love — motherhood is not confined to biological terms.



Support for a Black family targeted by hate in Minnesota, rejecting the KKK in Georgia, and residents resist after Hmong attack in Wisconsin. 



Four years ago a deadly hate attack shattered the lives of the Sikh community in Oak Creek, Wisconsin after 6 people were murdered by a white supremacist, but community members were awakened and transformed by the Sikh spirit of relentless optimism: Chardhi Kala.



In a week punctuated by one of the deadliest hate crimes in modern US history, we also mark the anniversary of nine black lives lost in a racially motivated shooting. 



Apartheid survivors and human rights activists shared their stories of forgiveness and reconciliation during a Monday panel in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s election to the South African presidency.


UC Berkeley team gets unprecedented look at supernova explosions

For the first time, astronomers led by a team at UC Berkeley have peered into the heart of an exploding star, giving them unprecedented insight into the fundamental physics behind how stars crescendo into supernova explosions.


From more than 6,000 miles away, Ukrainian students, professors reflect on their home country

While she sits in classes in Berkeley more than 6,000 miles from home, her family is in Ukraine — a normally peaceful country recently fractured by a series of violent protests culminating in scores of deaths, the ousting of its president and what many Ukrainians have called a “land invasion” by Russia.


Animal rights activists protest animal testing in UC laboratories

The death of animal test subjects in a UC Berkeley laboratory sparked a protest Wednesday that included 15 UC Berkeley students and animal activists in front of Barker Hall.


Local, international activists speak on fossil fuel divestment

Local and international climate justice activists shared their experiences in working toward divestment from the fossil fuel industry and advocated a “non-exploitative, low-carbon and equitable future” at a panel discussion Tuesday evening.


East Bay water district purchases $8 million worth of water to combat drought effects

In response to a severe, ongoing statewide drought, the East Bay Municipal Utility District Board of Directors on Tuesday purchased $8 million of water and reinstated a recommendation that its customers reduce water use


Toxicity and Utopia: Changing the Medium

This is an ethnographic case study that problematizes the notion of remediation of Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay. The former naval base is contaminated with toxic and hazardous materials from lead and asbestos to radioactive materials, and still the island is slated to become a high-rise "eco-village." Meanwhile, the current residents of Treasure Island have no shortage of health ailments, which they believe to be tied to the radioactive and contaminated sites surrounding their homes.